Child-Friendly Websites–Free

Child-friendly websites are recommended by Angela Ferraris, The Retired School Librarian. None are paid citations.

Always click on child-friendly websites first to make sure it is okay for your little one. Please be aware that some websites can have ads. You may want to talk to your child/grandchild about NOT clicking on those.

a hodgepodge of a 21st century child's desk

Giant ABCs with children playing inside


ABC Order Game for Kids–Connect the blocks by dragging and dropping them into ABC order(Room Recess)

ABC Slider Puzzle – Slide the letters into alphabetical order by clicking, dragging, and releasing. (ABCYa!)

Alphabet Bubble – Click on the first letter of the treasure box word for the lid to close. (ABCYa!)

Alphabetical Order – Put words in ABC with Roy the Zebra and Little Mo. (Roy the Zebra)

Alphabetical Order – Help Monkey put the ABC letter blocks back in order by clicking, dragging, and releasing the tile. (ABCYa!

Pop It! ABC–Pop each bubble on the capital letter before going to the next one. Great single mouse-clicking exercise. (Primary Games)

Shelver! – Mrs. Lodger’s Library–Put books in ABC order. (Mrs. Lodge’s Library)

Animals in shadow for the child friendly animal section of websites


Age of the Dinosaurs – archived BBC site about prehistoric life

A-Z Animals–Everything about animals and pets

Animal Corner–List of animals, pets, anatomy, lists, coloring pages, quizzes, and jokes

Bats – Lots of information from Bat Conservation Society

Dinosaur Geek–Guide to the types of dinosaurs as well as an A-Z list

Easy Science for Kids: Animals–Nonfiction stories about animals

Lincoln Park Zoo – Scientists, students, and educators can explore this site and gather information about the animals and this zoo in Chicago.

National Aquarium – Have fun watching these livestreams(Blacktip Reef, Jellies Invasion, and Pacific Coral Reef) at this aquarium located in downtown Baltimore on the Inner Harbor.

National Geographic Kids – Animal facts, games, fun quizzes, and videos

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers – Learn about animals and plants, explore the videos, stories, activities, and games

Sea World– Click on the animal information dropdown menu for interesting animal facts and sounds

Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute – animal webcams

Smithsonian Ocean – Everything about the ocean; lesson plans for educators

Switch Zoo Animal Games – Animal games, animal music, and teachers’ resources

Life Cycles of Animals — Utah Education Network

A child painting on an easel


ABCya Paint – Draw using digital features in the toolbar

Art for Kids Hub: Origami–a collection of Youtube videos explaining step-by-step origami

AutoDraw – Create your own drawing or click on the top toolbar to match the shape you have drawn

Bomomo–Create art with the various tools and effects

Chrome Canvas – Draw using various colors and utensils; able to save

Country Dog Gentlemen – Videos of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art hosted by The Country Dog Gentlemen about famous artists’ work

PBS Arts Games–various arts games include art and music

Weave Silk – Create beautiful patterns that mirror on another

This Is Sand – Build sand art using various colors; website, google app, or apple app

A sheet of  0 and 1 hopefully for child freindly websites


ABCYA–Coding Games

Blockly Games

Code for Life–Elementary, Jr, and high school levels–begin with coding blocks and then continue to learn Javascript, HTML and CSS. Grades K-12

CodeinGame–Coding games and programming; player choose what language to use; good choice to expose students to programming other than using Javascript language.Ages 11+

Khan Academy–Lessons on coding using Javascript language, Ages 9+

Code Monster–by Crunchzilla, Javascript programming lessons; Ages 8+

Scratch–website for ages 8-16

Scratch Jr.–ages 5-7 (free app)

stethoscope for medical child friendly websites section


Kids Health–Kid-friendly health advice

Kids’ Quest–Centers of Diseases and Prevention

Mesothelioma (–I am pleasantly surprised to see this law firm has a ton of good information about mesothelioma

The Mesothelioma Center (with –A lot of information to raise awareness of mesothelioma and to help children better understand their condition

Mesothelioma Hope–How to talk to children about cancer

Nourish Interative–Solusville–Pro-Nutrition City

Nursing Home Abuse Justice (with–Tips on how to explain to your child about a loved one going into a nursing home

PBS Healthy Kids–Recipes, Tips, Games and Activities for Healthy Eating



Basic Dewey Decimal–Match the Dewey Decimal number to the correct category; created with Quia

Copyright and Credit–Learn by choosing flashcards, matching, concentration, or word search. Created with Quia by Mrs. Ledina.

Do the Dewey— Answer the correct Dewey Decimal Classification; Levels 1,2 or 3; created by Middletown Thrall Library

Dewey Decimal Concentration–Memory game; Match the Dewey number to its correlating subject; Created with Quia by B.Peter

The Dewey Decimal Rap--Mr. Scooter helps students learn the Dewey Decimal through a funny rap. Check out other library-related videos on his website.

Fact or Opinion–game by Recess Room.

Fiction or Nonfiction Game–Is the book fiction or nonfiction? Ten questions. Create on TinyTap by Katherine Sowders 

Matching–Match the Dewey number with its subject; Created with Quia by B.Peter

Mrs. Lodge’s Library Shelver–Put the books in the correct fiction or Dewey order

Parts of a Book Hangman–Do you know the parts of a book? Created on Quia by Mr. Moskos; intermediate

Parts of a Book–Match the correct definition to the part of a book; created on Wordwall by Rosemarie18.

Rags to Riches: Primary and Secondary Sources–Correctly answer questions about sources; Created on Quia by Mrs. D.

A child typing on a laptop looking at child friendly websites


Dance Mat Typing–Learn how to type on the keyboard with Gary the Goat and friends; BBC

Free Typing Games--Chose from several free and fun typing games; created by

Free Typing Games–by

Typing Games–lessons and games by

Keyboarding Games— by Learning Games for Kids

Keyboarding Zoo 1–From ABCya!

Keyboarding Zoo 2–From ABCya!

Typing Games Zone--various levels; by

Learn Keyboarding–keyboarding lessons by Turtle Diary

Sky Chase–Race others to see how fast and accurately you can type the words to make your airplane go first

Typing Rocket–From ABCya!

Math slate for math websites for children


Cool Math 4 Kids

Dino Dive–Learn about volume by choosing the right-sized dinosaur to jump into the water

FunBrain – Chose the Math Zone top tab for a variety of fun math games

Get the Math–Demonstrates how classroom math correlates with math in the real world; math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball, special effects; created by

Hooda Math–created by a middle school math teacher; Grades k-high school; over 500 games

Math Game Time–Grades PreK-7

Math Games – PBSKids

Math Playground–Grades K-6–There are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games


Roman Numeral Challenge–Convert from Arabic to Roman or vice versa; created by Fact Monster

Roman Numerals–Rebuild the ancient building when getting the correct Roman conversions; ABCya!

Tangrams–Choose easy, medium, or hard level. ABCya!

Bowl of media literacy related topics


Band Runner–Internet safety(United Kingdom’s The National Crime Agency’s CEOP Education) Play the game and learn how to stay safe; short videos as well

Cloud Quest by NetSmartzKids–interactive online safety game; videos too

Computer Components–matching; by Match the Memory

Cyber-Five–Internet safety with Hippo and Hedgehog

Digital Compass–Grades 6-8. Learn about digital citizenship and online safety with this decision-making game by Common Sense

Fact and Opinion–game. Read each sentence and decide if it is a fact or an opinion.

Find the Technology--Match the word to the equipment in the picture; ABCya!

Interland–Be internet awesome. Interactive lessons teaching online safety and digital citizenship. Created by Google

Internet Safety Hangman–Don’t let the pirate walk the plank by guess the correct letter to these internet safety rules. Created by Jim Daley on Quia.

NetSafe Utah–All ages; Internet Safety Videos and resources

Privacy Pirates–Interactive lesson about online privacy; by Media Smarts

Safe Online Surfing–Fun games to learn about online safety, grades 3-8; also in Spanish; is an official site of the U.S. government

Safety Detectives–(for parents)–Many great ideas of keeping kids safe on the internet. For example–This one is on How to Keep Kids Safe on YouTube in 2023 — Works 100% by Tim Mocan

A hodgepodge collage of media


ABCya! – Mix of educational games

Arcademic Skill Builders – Games to help build academic skills for grades 1-6

Create Your Own Superhero–create your own superhero; by Marvel HQ

Duolingo–Learn another language

FunBrain–Pre-K-8th Grade; explore by grade; math; reading; ebooks

The Kid Should See This – over 5,000 educational and fun videos for kids

Learning Games for Kids–variety of topics such as social studies, science, spelling, geography, music, art, and so on

Library of Congress–has layers of interesting topics, resources, activity kits, and so on

Mr.Nussbaum--K=8th grades; scroll down to find a huge collection of subjects

Nick Jr.–Preschool games, shows, and videos

PBSKids-Educational games and videos

Sesame Street–Preschool games

Starfall-–Educational games for K-3; not everything is free

Type a Friendly Letter – Learn how to write a friendly letter to someone; by ABCya!

UEN(Utah Education Network)–Variety of subjects with interactive games; Grades Pre-K-2 games; Grades 3-6 games

Wizarding World–Fans of Harry Potter can explore games and quizzes

musical notes


Classics for Kids – Listen to music and play games; composer lesson plans

Dallas Symphony Orchestra–games

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Feel the Music–Player can choose sad, mad, or happy background music and enhance it with other sounds/instruments

Isle of Tune–Create a town and assign a note or sound effect to be heard when the car(s) go by it; grades 3-6

Incredibox – Create your own music mix with this interactive game

Music Matching Game by Ducksters; match the two notes; able to choose level of difficulty

Music Memory by ProProfs Brain Games; students must listen and play the correct note

NIH(National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) –Children’s songs with music and lyrics as well as games

Online Musical Games by Inside the Orchestra; a variety of musical games

Peg and Cat Music Maker by PBSKids; create a basic mix

San Francisco Symphony–Music Connects Kids–Learn about the instruments in an orchestra

A chart of a person doing exercises


USDA My Plate – Nutrition games and activities; by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Jump Rope Rhymes–a collection of rhymes to sing while double-dutch or solo jumping

Kids Environment Kids Health by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; various games, brainteasers, puzzles, and songs

PE Central–collections of Physical Education websites for kids

Physical Education Links, Resources and Activities–by Internet4Classrooms–links for physical activity, games, and education

A person talking


Magnetic Poetry–Click and drag words to make a poem

Poetry--Hear and see four primary-level poems read aloud; by Starfall

Poetry Foundation–adult and children’s poems

Poetry4Kids (Kenn Nesbitt)–funny poems for children

Poetry Machine–Has poetry forms with explanations and a template to make your own

An owl sitting on a book


ABCya!-PreK-6 Language Arts child-friendly games

Amazing Avian Alphabet–ABC bird book; can be read to or read on own; byABCya!

Are You a Wordsmith? Vocabulary. Interactive matching words to the picture. Preschoolers. by Turtle Diary

Author Pronunciation The author’s name is said aloud and often by the author; short explanation by the author of the name’s meaning

Friendly Letter Maker–Learn the five parts of a friendly letter and write one using the template

Fun Brain–children’s picture and chapter books

Kidlit TV— a mixture of children’s literature

Seussville–Games and videos based on the Dr. Seuss books

Starfall— online elementary books; I’m Reading section

Spaghetti Book Club –Book reviews by kids

Step Right Up: Synonyms and Antonyms–Practice game; easy and difficult levels; by ABCya!

Story Creator–Help create a story with Xavier and friends by clicking on how it should continue; by PBSKids

Storyline Online–Collection of children’s book read aloud often by the creator

two books with a question mark


Academic Kids–online encyclopedia

Almanac–Kids almanac; by Fact Monster

Atlas–Kids atlas by Fact Monster

Author & Illustrator Pronunciation–Not sure how to pronounce the name of an author or illustrator? Click on the name and hear it. Sometimes the author/illustrator even tells you in their own voice. Created by

Dictionary–Merriam–Webster Student Dictionary; meanings are kid-friendly; thesaurus is included

DK Find Out – Fun facts about many different nonfiction topics

Rhyming Dictionary for Kids–type in a word for a list of rhyming words; by Poetry4Kids

A robot


Astronomy for Kids–American Museum of Natural History

Ask Dr. Universe -created by Washington State University; students can ask Dr. Universe questions

Climate Kids–Kids can learn about the climate, weather, atmosphere, energy, etc

Crypto Club–cryptography and related math, created by the University of Chicago

European Space Agency–all about space, games, teacher section

Forces and Motion: Basics–Explore various forces; created by University of Colorado

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids–mixture of topics

NASA Kids’ Club – Games and activities to explore space

Space Scoop – Latest astronomy news

Climate Kids – NASA teaches about the climate

Energy Kids – U.S. Energy Information Administration shares games about the different forms of energy

Mineralogy4 Kids – learn about rocks and minerals; created by Mineralogical Society of America   

OK GO Sandbox--Watch Ok Go videos and then learn the science used to make them

Science Bob–created by a science teacher; science experiments

Simple Machines MatchIt–Match the work to the definition; by Learning Games for Kids

States of Matter – Learn about gases, solids, and liquids; by ABCya!

A globe of flags


Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government–Ages 4 and up; learning adventures, games, and infographics. Ben is based on Benjamin Franklin; by the Government Publishing Office

Google Earth

iCivics-Upper elementary government, civics, landmarks, and more games. Also in Spanish.

Name That President–identify the photo of a president; created by Primary Games

Ohio History Connection–Ohio Village Virtual Field Trip explores life during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Interactive

Social Studies for Kids–mix of current events, history, maps, economics, and so forth

States and Capitals–Make it fun learning the states and capitals with this game from ABCya!

USA Geography Puzzle–easy or difficult levels; place the states correctly in the USA.